Welcome to the Ajira Digital Program...

The Ajira Digital Program training sessions for June and July are fully booked. We thank you for the interest and congratulate all who participated in the training.

Now that the training classes are full, what next?

Create an Ajira Digital account and complete your profile information to 100% (do ensure your email is correct). We will contact all Ajira Digital members via email in future when training and other opportunities are available. In the meantime, do go through all the resources provided on our platform - we will soon provide digital training content for those who cannot attend our classes in person.


Is Online Work For You?

The Ajira Digital Programme can help you determine if online work is for you. Use this website to find training resources, trusted sources of work and links to a community of online workers in Kenya

About Online Work

An online worker is a self-employed person who uses the internet to find, complete and submit work.

Online work is so flexible, you can set your own hours, working full or part-time on the projects of your choice.

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Online Work in Kenya

More than 40,000 Kenyans are registered on the leading online work marketplace and many more are needed.

Connect with Kenyans online to find mentors and support to grow your online work career.

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A socio-economic initiative carried out by the Ministry of ICT and the Postal Corporation of Kenya leveraging on innovation and technology. with the following objectives:

Studio Mashinani

An initiative project under the Ministry of ICT and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) leveraging on creative and innovation in the music and acting industry.

Learn And Get Certified

The Ajira Digital Programme can help you determine if online work is for you. Use this website to find training resources and trusted sources of work.

Get Certified

Take several tests in your area of specialization to strengthen your online work profile and demonstrate your ability to potential clients.

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Improve Your Competency

Learning something new or deepen your skill by taking online courses. These can be videos, webinars or eLearning courses.